5 Branding Lessons from Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar’s Victory

You might be wondering what Manushi Chhillar’s victory has to do with branding. But, it does indeed. The sole reason behind that is winning a beauty pageant and getting glamour is much of personal branding. This international pageant demands near to similar qualities that are needed to become a distinguished marketer. Being remarkable is one of the prerequisites. Manushi’s victory, the proud moment for India reminds us a few very important things that are central to online branding endeavours.

Have a purpose and tell a story

 Manushi’s victory

Big success is only achieved with a well-defined purpose. It is essential to have a reason to do something that strengthens your purpose to do it. Manushi had the purpose of helping the needy by acquiring useful knowledge. She is a medical doctor by qualification. She has a strong appreciation for the value of knowledge. Her victory is a story in itself that had a purpose of helping others with knowledge at the core of it. This applies in the marketing arena too. Marketers need to have a story with a valuable purpose. In fact, all marketers are storytellers. And only those marketers tell good stories who have a strong purpose.

Have an inspiration for your dreams

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An inspiration for the big things is probably one of our greatest treasures. That is because it makes us push the frontiers and transform our lives. Manushi, in response to the question at the last round of the pageant Which profession deserves the highest salary and why, said that her mother is her greatest inspiration. She had an emotional dream to make her parents happy with her success. Even a marketer needs a strong inspiration that motivates him to achieve high. For a marketer, the inspiration can be creating a valuable thing that changes the way people live. Whatever it is, an inspiration is like a fuel that keeps you going on in the competitive world.

Be genuine, be unique

manushi chhillar beauty

Genuineness naturally has a flare of authenticity. Uniqueness marks originality in what you are and what you present. Manushi’s voice in Miss world 2017 feels so genuine that it naturally connected her to the audience and the evaluators. No wonder her genuine persona helped her achieve success at Miss World 2017. Some marketers fail to understand the importance of a genuine voice. They try to imitate other marketers and are bewildered when it does not work for them. Having a genuine voice that has a strong message or story contributes marketing to success more than anything.

Provide high value with the intent of help

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Manushi undertook a project for menstrual hygiene. She travelled across the country and gathered women to educate them about menstrual hygiene and reproductive health. This initiative made her worthy of respect for the feminine world and showed her awareness towards social welfare. This is a perfect example of providing high value without an intention of any real benefit. This is very important in the branding and marketing world today. Marketers who readily provide value before selling anything succeed before all. The offering of help and an intention of creating ease in the life of prospects is what matters in the 221st-century branding and marketing.

Be remarkable at what you do

Manushi Chhillar miss world 2017

New age marketing guru Seth Godin emphasizes being remarkable. He says it is very important to be remarkable if you want to get noticed. Manushi’s personality, her past works, her values and her thinking made her remarkable. That fact is apparent from her success in the Miss world 2017 pageant. Marketers can be remarkable in the way they do things or the problems they are trying to solve. It is all about doing genuine things that will make you stand out and help you get noticed. Therefore, be remarkable.

Manushi’s spectacular success at Miss world indirectly conveys the commonly ignored moves that are necessary for personal branding or business branding. Clearly, it is not about what you get. It is about what you become by creating a difference that influences a larger group of people.

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