5 Reasons to choose integrated marketing solutions in 2020!

Today’s world is flooded with innovative products, services, technologies, solutions, business models and other business opportunities. But, has each innovative product, service or a solution is brought to market and commercialized in order to generate revenue and profit? Are all the consumers and customers aware of all the possible things available in the market?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO!

In this consumer-centric world, companies find themselves trapped in an incredibly complex environment and the reason behind this mess is the lack of knowledge and awareness about the integrated marketing solutions!

People need to understand that with traditional business methods, traditional marketing models are also breaking down and overcoming the fragmentation, fighting for relevance is wholly dependent on adopting new techniques and integrated marketing solutions in 2020!

Now, as 2020 begins, it’s time to reclaim integrated marketing as the key driver of your business and help consumers to deal with their skeptical nature and drive them to choose your product by consistently delivering the brand message across all the possible marketing channels and use the promotional methods that reinforce each other.


Because today’s consumers have seen and heard it all! They are currently in the zone of ‘WE KNOW IT ALL!’ And to deal with this mindset, to outshine in the market filled with huge competition, you need to integrate your messages and keep them consistent to grab attention and gain the trust of your audience! And the integrated marketing communication process helps you to do so in the most systematic manner!

Here are the reasons to choose/adapt integrated marketing solutions to boost your business in 2020!

1. Great Exposure & Brand Visibility:

We all are aware of the fact that the growth and life span of any business is positively correlated to its market reputation! And considering this, all the integrated marketing services focus and work towards building the brand equity of the company. As the name suggests integrated marketing helps you to target your potential audience directly, by endorsing your business through all the possible marketing mediums and promotional platforms.

For any business, being specific and focused is most important! And integrated marketing solutions take upon that strong foundation and set up your brand message, repeat it and double down on it all the time.

With the perfect integrated marketing strategy and its successful execution, the chances of establishing your brand not only in the market but in your target audience’s mind rapidly increase!  Basically, through a successful strategy, integrated marketing helps you to stand out in the market and provide great exposure along with brand visibility.

2. Wider Scope:

Integrated marketing is nothing but the practical approach of planning communications that increase the potential of your business to get better results and achieve newer milestones. It is an amalgamation of both- traditional and modern marketing techniques. With this, it widens the scope and the perspective of your business and provides a great range of marketing platforms.

The integrated marketing communication process effectively combines all modes of brand communication and uses them concurrently to promote various products and services among customers effectively and eventually gaining profit and higher revenues. By integrating tools such as advertising, PR, personal selling, magazines, TVCs, direct mail, mobile marketing, social media, telemarketing, sales promotion and many others, you get a better reach and wider scope which lead to clarity, consistency and maximum communication impacts.

3. Digital Space:

In this fast-paced, tech-savvy world, digitalization has hit the market with its innovative aspects. And for any business, it is necessary to tap the digital world and grab the spotlight that leads to better opportunities and reach.

With great connectivity and smooth functioning, integrated marketing’s digital solutions help you find ways for people to see your specific, focused, and exclusive brand message and interact with it over and over again, consistently!

Along with fewer efforts and cost-effective strategies you integrate your marketing campaigns, promote it across all the digital platforms, and eliminate the need for duplication, which results in saving a tremendous amount of resources.

Currently, digital space is ruling the marketing world and with integrated marketing solutions you too can outperform and be one of the established market leaders!

4. Less Fragmentation:

If the recent research is to be believed then, one of the biggest challenges a business faces is fragmentation!  Due to less market knowledge along with the poor marketing strategies and the endless stream of new communication technology, marketing audiences have become more separate and increasingly complicated. The only solution to avoid this is to stick to one message and circulate through integrated marketing communication process and different tools that feature the same creative treatment. This helps to overcome the fragmentation and by repeating the headlines, key phrases, and content in each communication, you ensure that customers receive consistent messages each time they see one of the elements of your campaign. Such creative consistency helps reinforce the basic campaign themes by increasing the number of times your target group sees or hears the same message.

5. Consistent Growth:

Now, as we know that integrated marketing solutions refer to the process of aligning and coordinating the business to deliver a consistent, seamless, customer-centric content experience across all channels. This way helps you develop a trust with your target audience which results in you being their priority.

This clearly shows that integrated marketing is inevitable if you consider boosting the sales and growth of your businesses. It is an expert solution that can improve your business prospects and inculcate your brand in the minds of the largest fraction of buyers resulting in consistent growth!

No wonder, all the successful business leaders embrace integrated marketing solutions as the lifeblood of their companies today!

So, what are you waiting for? As you embark on your 2020 planning journey and aim to grow further, we suggest you to ditch the traditional marketing plans and old solutions!

Take a smart decision before your competitor introduces a brilliant marketing strategy. Get in touch with team Olio Solutions and design an exclusive integrated marketing strategy to overcome the challenges that are unique to your business.

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