9 steps to build a great social media strategy for your cafes and restaurants in 2020.

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9 Steps to build a great social media strategy

Do you own a restaurant or a cafe?

Does it serve deliciously scrumptious food?

Well, we must say that you chose the correct market to start your business!

Food is something that people can never get bored of! Especially Indians.

Because we Indians, not just love food but literally worship food!

Today, discovering new food joints, cafes, and restaurants has become a new craze or maybe addiction that you can never get rid of!

So, that way by choosing this field for your business, you have definitely achieved a milestone!

And the major credit for the growing success of this market goes to the digital world and social media platforms, who have taken a charge of people’s lives and decisions in this fast-paced world!

But are you on social media? Do you have a social media marketing plan and strategy?

if not then read this article to create one! 


Nine Easy steps to build a great social media strategy  

1.Create A Social Media Profile

First thing first!

Start with creating your profile on all the social media platforms, and then enter the crazy world that helps you to connect with people locally, regionally, nationally and of course internationally at your fingertip! Literally!

So, be available on all social media platforms as it will become easy for you to spread awareness quickly and easily.

Also please note:

If recent research is to be believed then, around 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments. Now that’s a huge number, isn’t it?

Create Social Media Profile.



2. Figure Out Your Target Market And Group

Before getting into the marketing business, you need to figure out the potential market and the group of people whom you want to target.

Once you get that sorted, it is very important to understand the market demand and the needs of your consumers, as it will help you to grow your business and plan your social media strategies even more wisely.



3. Come-Up With A Social Media Plan

Once you are out there, try to figure out the basic things and come with social media strategies and digital creative content approach to hit the target audience.

To reach out to more people, your plan needs to be simple, less complicated and relatable.

Even if it’s a blog post, it has to be to the point and informative yet easy to understand.

In short, make a plan that is easy to execute without making Mistakes on social media!

Also, plan the tonality of your content for social media strategy and come-up with the social media marketing plan that will not only help you to build a group of loyal consumers but also to boost your growth. Try and make use of each feature of all social media platforms.

Social Media Plan

4. Serve Delicious Content

Now comes the main part- The exposure part, where you get to present your delicacies and show people, what you are known for- THE FOOD POSTS!

As we all know that people eat with their eyes first and through social media you get the opportunity to tempt them by posting deliciously appealing food pictures.

Make sure that these posts look so irresistible that people won’t even mind sharing them!

It’s not necessary to always post a picture, thanks to the upgrading social media features, now you can also have videos and short clips where you can show a glimpse of your kitchen team, chef interviews, restaurant/ cafe ambiance, and consumer testimonial.

Remember, the video content/post themes have to be relevant, interesting and engaging for sure!

And to describe it in a better manner you need to decorate it with a good caption.

quality content and creative post



5. The Hashtag Challange

‘The hashtag’ is a serious business and it can turn your game upside down if you don’t get it right!

It encourages social media users to explore the specific content they are looking out for.

Basically, it works as your label and allows people to discover more about you on social media.

And if in case you manage to crack the code right, there are higher chances of your restaurant/cafe trending on the internet not just nationally but internationally as well!

Focus on using trending hashtags which will make your Instagram posts get featured among the most popular posts at a given time. This way your chances of getting noticed, increase.

So, make sure that your hashtag is catchy simple yet quirky to grab the attention.


6. Contest Alert!!!!

Consistency is the key to success, so be consistently active on social media.

And to help you do that, you can have social media campaigns and contests as your restaurant marketing plan and social media strategy!

Let us admit that, this is a great way to engage your target audience and achieve your goals by gathering more attention.

If you decide to arrange a contest on social media then we suggest you to think of some exclusive ideas that will explode all over the internet.

You can also come up with some food challenges and special day offers that will attract more people and help you get the business even faster.

Social Media Campaign Alert

7. Social Media Ads

Where print has become almost a non-existing medium, we have digital platforms, on the other hand, raging and taking over the advertising world.

One of the most effective and powerful platforms for online advertising is Facebook.

The study says that online ads have more reach than any other medium.

And they are cost-effective too!

You don’t have to invest too much to promote your restaurant/cafe on social media platforms.

Through online advertisements, you can actually boost your posts, generate traffic on your page and get more reach at a cheaper rate from Social Media Channels.


8. Monitor The Reach

To check whether your social media strategy and marketing plan are on the right track or not, you need to examine your total reach.

With this, you get to know how many people viewed your profile/page,

how many of them reposted or shared your posts.

Monitoring makes you understand the market and plan better.

The perks of promoting your business on social media are that you can actually see the result and growth of your business and rectify your mistakes immediately if any.

This helps you to analyze customer data such as keyword data and can further make the required changes. You can easily track the conversion and measure the effectiveness of your campaign by monitoring the reach.

Wondering how to analyze your reach? Watch the following video to learn more:



9. Tie-up with Food Bloggers And Vloggers

Want immediate results? then collaboration is the easiest way!

Collaborate with whom? the social media stars- The Influencers.

Influencers have the power and reach within specific communities, networks.

As we mentioned before, around 88% of people are influenced by online reviews.

So, to build your brand even more strong you can tie-up with the food bloggers as well as vloggers,  invite them over and request them to put up a post/blog that lets your restaurant/cafe get the limelight.

This collaboration will not only help you to establish your brand but also promote it on a larger scale.


Food Blogger Tie ups

Social media marketing for your restaurant is an investment that takes time and effort. If done properly, the return on the investment is huge. at Olio Solutions, We help you build your social media image by providing exclusive social media strategy, creative content ideation, its smooth execution and the right marketing tools to capture the attention of your respective target audiences.

Your growth is our goal!

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