Brand Positioning – Kopiko Candy

Have you ever seen the below candy?
You might have got it from the shopkeeper when there is no change available and you might have wondered which brand is this.

About the brand

I recently saw its TVC and was curious about this brand. As per Wikipedia Kopiko is brand of coffee confectioneries originally produced in Indonesia. It is available in over 45 countries. It is available in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Brand positioning

So it was the following TVC which I recently saw that made me search about this brand.
It is trying to capture interesting brand positioning.

“u can consider this as an option when you feel sleepy.”

And what is the ‘reason to believe’ this claim? Its content ‘coffee’ provides support for this brand positioning.

Now this is a common problem most of us face. As a student you feel sleepy during the boring lecture or when you hold study books in front of you. You feel tired and sleepy while driving a car in heavy traffic jam. You feel sleepy post lunch in the office

And what are the options you have? A cup of Tea, Coffee? Anything else? And here comes the ‘pocket coffee – Kopiko’ eqkaguh. You can easily carry it in your pocket and here it scores above traditional methods of Tea, Coffee this post.

Process to identify brand positioning

They must have done consumer research to identify consumer preferences. What does one consider to stay awake when he/she feels sleepy? Can they consider coffee candy as an alternate to tea, coffee? Only after getting positive results, they must have gone ahead with this brand positioning.

Film execution

Though it identifies brand positioning correctly, film (TVC) could have been better in execution. They have correctly identified & portrayed various situations where product can be relevant and it raises expectations about the next part of the film. But somehow it has gone wrong once they consume the candy. Music and moves doesn’t look that impressive to deliver the strong message. It could have been better.

Final words

This is 2013 TVC still appearing. Clearly shows that even with this strong positioning, Kopiko has failed to build a brand till now. It needs to consistently portray this brand positioning to imprint it on the consumers’ minds. It has not spent enough to do this. But fortunately no one else has claimed this brand positioning till now. Still they have time to make good use of it.

What do you think? What can be the reason for not pursuing such strong brand positioning? Feel free to write your comments below and we can discuss it over a cup of coffee, sorry with a Kopiko candy


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