20 Keys to Create an Online Store and Get Sales

More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to create an online store. They have a good business idea and know the many advantages of e-commerce stores over traditional selling. It is clear that the main objective will always be to get sales as soon as possible, but the techniques and strategies change when it comes to selling online.

Promote the business, find your potential customers and retain them to buy again, are without a doubt without which you will not be able to create a profitable business on the Internet. However, there are numerous techniques with which to get online sales:

20 Keys to create an Online Store

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1. Battle for the SEO Long Tail keywords

Any business that is growing on the internet must be in this battle. Your website generates traffic it is important that it comes through a good SEO positioning. To achieve this, it is absolutely necessary to position your online store with SEO terms “Long Tail” that differentiate you from the competition and help you attract potential customers. It is a set of words (between 2 and 4) that you can previously analyze through tools such as Google Adwords or Google Trends keywords.

2. Intuitive navigation

As with most websites, an online store must have a good search engine available. And I highlight the “good” because I have seen many pages with search engines that instead of solving the problem complicate the navigation of the client, and this can be an inconvenience when it comes to getting online sales. It is essential that there is no minimum hindrance between the client arriving on the website and making the purchase. Patience cannot be expected on the internet, everything has to be fluid and fast, or you will lose the opportunity.

3. The Importance of images

Creating an online store is very fast, but getting it to sell products and services takes a long time. We must remove the barriers to entry, earning the trust of the client. Without a doubt, one of the keys that will help you achieve this is the publishing quality images.

4. Trust and feedback

Many entrepreneurs who decide to start their online business fear that someone (usually the competition) may leave negative comments on them on the web. But it is a serious mistake not to give the chance to customers to review what they think about your products or services. In this case, we always recommend accepting negative criticisms, not defend them, and actually using them to extract positive aspects of the online store. You can also include the option to vote for the products.

5. Global competence

When you launch an online business it is very important to think of the business from the geo-targeting point of view. You need to analyze the competition of the product in the different country markets and then decide whether you want to target those countries for sales or not. The decision will depend on the audience and the demand for the product. But actually going global can be more profitable in the long run.

6. Provide value beyond the price

Think of something that provides tremendous value for the product. Not just that the customers are compensated with a quality product for the price. The sale should provide more than what they’ve paid for. That value will pull them back to your store and you will be able to produce more and more upsells.

7. Indirect expenses

The expenses for taxes and shipping costs must be figured out and mentioned clearly; it is very frustrating for the client when he reaches the last step before making his purchase, the price increases. When that happens they normally leave feeling tricked at the price and do not return to your online store.

8. Payment gateway

It is essential to make sure that there is no vanishing point and that the payment gateway works perfectly. In this sense, analytics tools such as Analytics must be an essential tool for your online store, though it is easy to find out where the customers of your page are going and correct it.

9. Online Security

Nowadays more and more customers are buying online but still there is a lot of concern and fear about the security of the payment gateways. Having a secured payment gateway will ensure that your clients and customers do not face losses because of leaking of their personal information and credentials. You cannot risk losing customers because of bad payment gateways.

10. Packaging

Selling online is a completely different thing than traditional marketing. Mere providing a quality product is not enough. You will also have to make sure that the packaging of the product is good. That is because good packaging design ensures safety to the product until it reaches to the customer. The quality of packaging also delivers brand value and helps to create a good reputation for your e-commerce store.

11. Delivery terms

The customer must know exactly when the product is going to arrive. This information must be explicit and ensure that you keep the word.

12. Order tracking

Some logistics companies offer order tracking services. It is not essential but your online store will be much more efficient if you have one.

13. Return policy

Problems during returning the product the most frequent complaint in an online store. It makes the return more flexible to help overcome resistance to purchase and get more sales.

14. Creating an Online Shopping Funnel

When it comes to promoting an online store there are five essential steps you should always keep in mind: generate traffic, capture records, satisfy the desires, create buyers and build customer loyalty. The last step is perhaps the most important, in an online store the cost of attracting customers is too high for a “repurchase” to occur, therefore, devote all your efforts to get loyal customers and take care!

15. Loyalty to the customer through branding

There are three keys to generate traffic on your website and get loyal customers: search engines (SEO and SEM, positioning), blog and social networks (essential in any online business) and Display ads (highly segmented). Utilizing all of these will boost your business.

16. Capture Leads

Your page may be generating a lot of traffic, but if you do not get leads (a visitor’s name and email to keep the contact) it is of no use.  When it comes to getting leads, the contests or Facebook applications are very important (actions through which users provide us with their mail). To get sales with these leads you will need a good email marketing strategy.

17. Interest improvement

You will have to arouse interest in your e-commerce website through social networks and buzz marketing, for example. Buzz marketing
(or word of mouth marketing) consists in getting people to always talk about your brand, generate conversation about the products or services your online store offers.

18. Use advertising platforms to increase sales

Some of the techniques to create buyers in an online store are the affiliation plans (banners in affiliate networks to which we will pay per click or for some type of conversion), retargeting (pursuing cookies) and M-Commerce(any online store must be cross-platform, in fact, online purchases through mobile are increasing).

19. Monitoring

To achieve sales with the online store you have to make loyal customers, and web analytics is essential for checking web loyalty.  An online business cannot exist unless actions are constantly analyzed and errors are corrected. In a physical store, it is much easier to observe every movement made by customers, and draw conclusions. But in e-commerce, it is necessary to analyze the actions and conversions.

20. Hire the best digital marketing agency to create a self-managed online store

Nowadays the most recommendable thing is to create an online store with WordPress that is easy to manage by the owner. A professional specialized and experienced in the creation of this type of business can guarantee the success of your e-commerce store.

What are we up to?

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