Digital Marketing Could Have Done Justice To KFC India’s New TVC

Last week I saw the latest TV advertisement by KFC India. You can see the same above.

I like this advertisement because execution is so simple and hence different in the clutter. The voiceover makes you pay attention to this advertisement and then cleverly delivers its point. Definitely, this is a direct take on Mcdonald’s.

Emotional Route Or Logical Route?

Clearly, it has taken a logical route. Straight comparison with the competitor brand on the price point. It is possible that research might have shown that people believe KFC is more expensive than Mcdonald’s. KFC wants to change this perception and hence such a crystal clear logical route.

What Is The Target Audience For This Advertisement?

Definitely, users who go for Mcdonald’s thinking that it will be less expensive than KFC or who don’t know about KFC.

Is TV The Right Channel? Will It Be Better To Use Digital Marketing?

As advertisement talks only about the price point with the aim of targeting competitor’s customers, digital marketing would have definitely given much better precise targeting and returns on ad spend. There are numerous digital marketing channels available like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. where we can find above target audience and deliver our message only to them. It can be easily accomplished using Facebook marketing, search marketing.

Final Words

We love the way the advertisement has been executed but think that channel choice could have been much better.

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