The #GaryVee Mania: Indispensable Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs from Gary Vaynerchuk

What can excite you to achieve your dreams and goals if GaryVee’s Instagram exuberance doesn’t! The greatest enemy of any aspiring entrepreneur is that she falls into boredom and procrastination with the process of building business. Enjoying the process, believing in your dreams and constantly cultivating hope is the recipe for entrepreneurial success.

As GaryVee says, for example, organic traffic for business boosting or online reputation need to be dealt with a different approach than traditional business mindset. GaryVee Instagram and quotes document many important points from his business journey and most of them are the success principles related to the belief system and behavioral parts of the intellect that aspires high entrepreneurial success.

1.     There are tons of opportunities! Don’t grumble

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We are living in an era that has a high number of opportunities than ever. You might say it is easier to get an exciting opportunity than getting laid! There are limitless alternatives waiting for you and surprisingly they demand less financial input. But, it is important to be able to address those opportunities and create the road map of success with a crystal clear vision.

Cheer up with optimism because the Internet has it!

Now anyone with the access to the internet has a legitimate alternative. An alternative to what content they consume and when they consume it. An alternative to which friends they associate with or want to communicate with all across the world. An alternative to where you work, how you work, and with whom you work at any given moment. With social media and the smartphone we have a choice. We have infinite alternatives.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

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Today’s studs believe that every social media post is authentic-that every Instagram post is an actual reality…but sadly that is just another distortion. The social media stories do not necessarily portray self-esteem and self-worth of the straggler. Most often it is out of the tyranny of “becoming” someone rather than being oneself. The portrayed visual grandeur works only for a limited period of time since creating an influence demands portraying more of an authentic self, the struggle, the work ethic, the long hours, the time off, your thoughts, your victories and your mistakes in the process of “getting there.”

It is absolutely necessary to document your journey and show people the reality of your life and your mind.

“Faking the funk” is going to end it badly for you. You’re caught up in a narrative that doesn’t map to your reality and eventually you are going to lose.

3. Happiness is a choice

“To me, life is pretty simple. There’s things you can control and others you can’t. Everything boils down to your actions and your mindset but there’s just far too many of you continuously caught up that just don’t see it that way.”

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  • People’s opinion don’t matter: Don’t give a shit to what others think. No one’s bias or uncontextualized thoughts are going to bring me down. Nobody can stop you from going where YOU want to go and so as long as YOU know your intentions are good and pure. Release the insecurity and face the music!
  • Don’t expect anything from others: Do things because selfishly they make you feel good. For that reason do not expect anything back from them. No expectation is key to happiness.
  • Have a perspective: Never complain that worst has come to you. No matter how bad you have it, someone in this world has it worse than you. Make something happen from the resources you have.


  • Cherish hard work: Because it is the only thing we can control. Work things out with the hustle and the hard work you put in depends on how strong your desire of accomplishment is!
  • Cherish Gratitude: You have every bit of information at your fingertips today. That wasn’t the case with your forefathers. The resources you need to succeed today are already at your disposal. Thank for them and exploit them fully. No reason to consider yourself unlucky.
  • Be Positive: Everybody has something that makes him or her capable. You become the way you think. You make up the world of your choice. Be positive, make things happen and leave a mark on this world. Happiness is a choice.

4. Tell stories on Social Media

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Master the art of story telling on social media. Social media is the greatest place where fans consume valuable content. What constitutes a great story? It is the arousal of emotion or feelings that evoke a reaction. Create stories that can grab attention in a second and engage the reader.

To tell a great story, the number one thing you have to do is evoke a reaction.

Have a context to the story that resonates with the life of the reader. Without the right context the story will not be that appealing and it will fail to produce a reaction. Blend your passion with practically and take small steps to build your audience. There is not need to create content. Document it. Show your process more than the outcome. This engages the audience more and helps them build a relationship with you.

5. Lean how to sell in 2018

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Selling is highly a transaction and branding and marketing is only a part of the equation. The goal of marketing and branding is to evoke transactions and that is an important part of any business.
Sales is about getting attention and internet is the platform where most of the attention exists. Become a part of the conversions on social media. Understand the context of the content your intended audience shares on their social media channels and try to connect with their context. This is the unbeatable way to build relationships that will eventually give you business.

Selling demands to be adaptive to the change in the marketing channels.

when the tides change… Move on. You have to learn to be unromantic about whether it’s Facebook today or Snap tomorrow. Whether it was was Vine or Tumblr or Vidler in the beginning 😉 and now it’s Instagram, HQ, Anchor or


6. Focus on the Mindset while creating content

Put out content on patience, perspective and process, and produce articles, tweets and photos based on a perspective. The perspective deflect a bit from post to post or image to image but the primary perspective will have to be the same.


Its all about trading on the mindset that tries to articulate some truth. The truth is the life truth of what you are doing in your life with achieving your goals. It can be anything as long as it matters to the reader. For producing better content at a macro level, what you will trying to express and what you communicate is predicated on a specific mindset. The details of your content will make the difference in the audience’s perception. It will make the real difference.

A perspective will help you convey your conceptions and your mindset. All you want to do is to instill your mindset in your reader’s head with a sense of connection to your real life.

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