Marketing Principles Used By Republic TV

The new Republic TV ad displays a lot of emotions. It displays hope, happiness and a quintessence amount of patriotism. Even before Arnab reached the households with the typical swagger like we are used to seeing him, there has been a lot of curiosity and magic generated. A perfect start for a new channel generating loads of curiosity. So much curiosity that there has been a war of billboards at Noida where India Today drew first blood.

Let’s look at the things they did and did right.

An Element Of Mystery:

Arnab Goswami is known for his commanding voice and his aggressive voiceover. He has maintained that in the latest advertisement promos too. He has managed to do that in an effective manner while captivating his fans who were waiting for him to come on Television. Secondly, the man in the advertisement does not reveal the face. That is also one of the careful strategies devised by the advertising team at work. It is very obvious that Arnab is getting an image makeover. Probably the investors of the channel want that to happen.

A New Marketing Strategy:

Everybody needs a strong emotional value to sell. If truth be told, it is hard for anybody to sell the brand. So, a new marketing strategy is devised. What’s that? It is Selling Provocation against the age old traditional method of Unique Selling Proposition. So basically, A security consultant team telling the prospects about what would keep them up at nights? Similarly, Arnab has smartly used this technique to carefully work on the tactics to get the kind of responses he got from the guests (or prey?) and that did work for him and the channel.

Identifying A Critical Issue:

Arnab Goswami has been successful in identifying an issue and then responding to it in manner which will keep you hanging. It will make you crave for more. So, the marketing team has been highly successful in turning around the brand image and also making sure that he addressed all the right sort of people. Be it Mallya or be it Gandhi or even Dr. Swamy for that matter, the marketing team have identified the right people and that does generate the good amount of hype to keep the people hooked on for the next advert. It does look like a lot of fun!

Reaching The Right People:

Marketing is wasted if it doesn’t reach the right kind of audience. This advert would have looked good on TV but it does justice to be launched on social media like Facebook and YouTube. It specifically works on these mediums because of the young population base in India. With the average population of more than 65% below the age group of 35, it is also one of the youngest countries in the world with access to these mediums and these mediums have been put to use by the strategic and marketing team.

Personally, we will not know how successful Arnab and his team of Republic will become. But one has to give credit to him and his team for successfully gate crashing a nice laid back party of news channels to rudely wake them up.

The nation does want to know if Arnab successfully annihilates the news channels or otherwise.

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