Paper Boat – Preserving Our Childhood Memories

What a wonderful time it was to be born in the 90’s era! We 90’s kids got to witness many beautiful things – right from having an old cartoon network channel to playing outside for continuous 4 – 5 hours until our mother personally came to drag us from the playground. Who can forget about the times when we hopped on to the train for a 24 hour long journey with our parents and of course who can forget about our first innocent crush which we had in our school!

The above thoughts made you smile, didn’t it?

Well, Paper Boat is using those same memories and nostalgic moments to have a greater impact on audience by hitting the audience where it matters the most – The Heart.

Here are some of the advertisements of Paper Boat where they were able to capture the moments perfectly:

My First Train Journey – What comes in to your mind when you remember about your childhood Train Journey? The Hoot – Hoot of the train? The moon which follows us right throughout our journey? Or the sound of Chai wala early morning at 5 AM? This video will make you remember every tiny memories of yours when you had your first train journey.

When I Grow Up – We have a full grown, adult, mature, professional employee in our office who never misses a chance to burst the bubble wraps the minute she gets her hands on it. This video exactly depicts those tiny bundles of happiness which makes an adult to enjoy those little moments and forget about the tough life, the person is currently facing.

A Paper Boat ride down the river of memories – Right from chasing kites, chasing kites, the taste of first slice of mango every year, night time stories from our grandparents and the first day of our school, the video beautifully depicts the moments which we can reminisce about.

Paper Boat through these videos was able to connect millions of Indians by simply depicting what everyone cherished at one point of time – The Childhood. And icing on the cake is that they continue to use beautiful and mesmerising soundtracks of Gulzar and Malgudi days in all their campaigns.

The Paper Boat campaign was well received by audience through Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. The Ads were viewed by more than 3 Million people and shared by more than 1 lakh people.

We thank Paper Boat which helped us to experience something magical – Our innocent and carefree childhood.

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