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Marketing collateral design is a very important element in the overall branding process and is important for any company’s marketing communication plan. In today’s world, a company’s marketing collateral is nothing but the visual representation of its brand identity.

Meticulously designed marketing Collateral is a great way to communicate your brand specific message to your target audience as it maintains a cohesive brand identity to ensure consistency in a campaign. Please note that having a creative collateral piece exponentially increases your brand’s image and credibility.

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Grabs theAttention.

With creative designs, attractive images and eye-catchy colours, marketing collateral design helps in grabbing the attention of your potential buyers.

Tells YourBrand’s Story.

With marketing collateral designs, you get to tell your brand story along with vision and mission to your potential customer. This leads to driving engagement and traffic!


Good marketing collateral leads to a great impact on your reach. This way you get to show your efforts to your audience.

Rapid Prototyping  with InVision

Rapid Prototyping with InVision

Putting pen to paper is our normal starting point when prototyping a new website or digital product. When we move to high-fidelity prototypes, we utilise InVision to piece together the stages of the customer journey. Having this visual base allows for testing in a very early form without using up resource with fully.

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Why Olio?

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At Olio Solutions, we design and create unique yet relevant visual representation of your brand that helps you increase your ability to reach your target audience and your success at staying in front of them. This service usually contributes to a significant increase in your bottom line.

At Olio, we offer clean, innovative, and unique designs to illustrate and communicate your company’s message. Our creatively developed collaterals can help you in customer acquisition and business development.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why does Marketing Collateral Matter?

Marketing collateral is nothing but the collection of media which is used to provide information, education, and guide prospects and customers about how their challenges can be solved by your company/ brand. It is designed to deliver actionable value. Marketing collateral provides detailed information to your target audience. It focuses on providing authentic content to solve buyer needs and challenges.

What are the important factors of having marketing collateral?

For companies of nearly all sizes, marketing materials are a must-have. As marketing collaterals include detailed information about the company, its features, the products/services, it becomes easy for the marketer to tap their target group.

Collateral carries the brand.

-Marketing collateral builds and maintains strong brands as it communicates superiority and competitive differentiation.

Collateral is a sales tool.

-Collateral materials give sales representatives the resources they need to be effective in sales meetings.

What are benefits of marketing collateral?

Below mentioned are the benefits that marketing collateral offers:

  • Well-designed marketing collateral improves the reliability of your business.
  • Collateral materials help you explain your products and services in a better and decent way.
  • Prospects can check collateral materials whenever they want.
  • Collaterals allow you to provide value while parallel-presenting your product or service.

Let us help you engage customers on the first go!

Did you know that an overwhelming majority of consumers still prefer print to email when communicating with their favourite brands? Let us help you engage your customers on the first go!