Email Marketing

Every business needs email marketing because it’s a good communication channel and has a high conversion rate. Whether your business is big or small, email is an inseparable part of your marketing campaigns.

Where does email marketing help?

  • For providing latest content to your clients
  • For pitching sales copies through emails

Whether you only have a basic one-page website, or you’ve just launched the latest and greatest version of your new app, email marketing can augment and improve your customer engagement and reach to great effect.

If you are obsessed about increasing your company’s ROI, Olio Creative Digital Agency is the right choice for you. Being one of the best Email Marketing companies in Mumbai, India, we aim at helping your towards generating sales with email marketing. We make sure that we track every single email we send with respect to the list size, open rate, click-through rate, inactive user rate, engagement, conversion rate etc.

The process that we follow for email marketing for our clients:

  • Research– Gathering data about general audience is necessary to shortlist them and consider them as targeted audience. This is done by researching more about a particular company, location, titles etc.
  • Strategy– Email Marketing is done with a view to grab the recipient’s attention and take them towards your desired action. The content, call to action strategies are made in such a way that it will make users to take the desired action related to the intended objective of the email.
  • Email Design– Designing and structuring the email is important to trigger clicks and drive traffic to your website or call to action. Careful placement of call to action buttons and visually pleasing images helps to achieve the necessary results required for email campaigns.
  • Optimizing– Thorough A/B testing is used to test, measure and optimize the click through rate (CTR) and Open rates (OR) of your email marketing campaigns.

Analyzing and Reporting – Finally analyzing the past user activity and coming up with better timing, segmentation in future helps us to increase the engagement and conversion rates.

Let us get your campaign up and running

89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. Let us get your campaign up and running.