TimesPro is professional course academy for graduates headed by Times Group. Olio creative digital agency is the official marketing partner for TimesPro. It has served TimesPro from printing danglers to even creating programs for promoting their offerings. It was an implicit requirement throughout, that the promotional strategies be innovative and should trigger unconventional thinking. On the same lines, TimesPro wanted to create the induction program for BCCL new joiners. It aimed to conduct the induction program for the BCCL joiners in a very rigorous and innovative way as it could be. The objective was to present BCCL as an organization where innovative thinking was the crux. TimesPro described how they expected Olio Creative Digital Agency to create experiences which will exhibit innovations.


What did Olio do?
At Olio, the creative team developed collaterals, print advertisements and helped with space design. Since long, Olio has adhered to the requirements of the client and differentiated itself with every delivery. Olions have been curating collaterals, brochures, danglers, flyers as well as design and concepts for the various professional, graduation and post-graduation courses offered at the 15 centers in India. For the induction program at BCCL, we came up with designs and concept was in the form of personalized emails, integrated daily clock planner, ID card with a pedometer, flexible rubber bookmark and paper mobile pocket notebook. We have been keen on maintaining the innovative element in each of the services provided.


Final Result
Taken into account the complete marketing for TimesPro, it has helped them gather leads, footfall, and admissions. The work has been efficient to showcase the quality of education provided at TimesPRO to help students achieve their goals with flying colors. Printing and design came out to be a new way of experience than just an object of use. The idea of integrating 2 uses into a single product proved to be very attractive and gave an impression of innovative value to the new joiners with respect to BCCL as an organization. Eventually, this resulted in increased footfall and improved admissions.

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